Fundraising Activities

SEP projects are funded by different donors whereby each project is funded by a different donor. However, this funding are restricted and therefore SEP has to mobilise for more resources to complement the donor funding. It is in this regard that SEP organises different fundraising activities to complement the donor funding in implementing the community projects.

Upcoming Fashion Show for Children with Disability – The fashion show is scheduled for the year 2020 with clear dates coming soon. This is the second time this event is happening following the first one which took place in April 2019. Visit this site for more information about the 2020 fashion show event.

During the April 2019 Fashion Show. Joy showcasing her beauty and passion on stage

Annual charity bike ride This event is organised annually by SEP at Karura Forest. The event aims to advocate for disability awareness and fund-raise towards SEP’s projects for children with disability. This event was first held in December 2018 and the second one in September 2019. We welcome you to come ride with us in 2020. Visit this site for more information about the 2020 bike ride.

Fundraising activities

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