Membership Intake

SPECIAL EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS MEMBERSHIP INTAKE FOR OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS, PHYSIOTHERAPISTS & SPECIAL NEEDS TEACHERS SEP’s annual membership intake is scheduled to take place in October every year. Interested applicants are encouraged to make timely arrangements and follow the due procedures when making their applications. Upon joining SEP you will benefit from a 2 week intensive trans-disciplinary training aimed at improving your knowledge, skills and abilities; as well as 3 months of practical experience in the transdisciplinary approach as you will be practically exposed to working together with special needs teachers, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and educational psychologists in SEP projects. Are you interested in becoming a member of SEP? Are you available for the 2 week trans-disciplinary training? If so kindly download the membership application form from our website, fill it in and send to us via email: You can contact us on 0733267869 for further information on how to apply for SEP membership. Application for Membership-SEP