Disability Inclusion and Awareness Creation

Inclusion is part of a much larger picture than just the placement in the regular class within school. It is being included in life and participating using one’s abilities in day to day activities as a member of the community. The inclusion process must incorporate fundamental change in the way a community supports and addresses the individual needs of each child.

The journey to incorporate inclusion may be long and challenging at times, but ultimately this journey can benefit ALL children.

The benefits of inclusive education are numerous for both students with and without disabilities.  These benefits include: Friendships; Increased appreciation & acceptance of individual differences; Peer role models for academic, social & behavior skills; Increased achievement of individualized educational programme goals; Enhanced skill acquisition and generalization; Increased inclusion in future environments; Greater opportunities for interactions; More integration for families into the community; and Respect for all people.

SEP promotes inclusion e.g. through awareness events.  Professionals give talks about disabilities and benefits of inclusion.  Parents with success stories are invited to give motivational talks.  An information stand with documentation is also available.  SEP also organizes awareness walks in various location sharing leaflets along the way on the importance of inclusion.

SEP also produces educational materials such brochures on different kind of disabilities to help parents with information on intervention.


So far the following disability awareness events have taken place:

July 2016 Songa Mbele in Mukuru
November 2016 Child Doctor in Kibera
December 2016 Songa Mbele in Mukuru
December 2016 Ubuntu in Maai Mahiu
February 2017 Comboni Health in Kariobangi
July 2017 Mwiki Primary in Githurai
October 2017 Mwiki Primary in Githurai
December 2017 Songa Mbele in Mukuru
August 2018 St Joseph in Kahawa Sukari
November 2018 Songa Mbele in Mukuru & Buruburu Baptist in Buruburu
July 2019 Mary Rice in Langata