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    We recently received the good news that our funding application to East Flanders has been approved! And with that, the starting shot has been fired. From now on we will be organizing events to fundraise the remaining part of the project budget. How you can help you will soon hear on our website and Facebook page!
    The SEP team went for the 6th time to Lokichar, Turkana County, to continue capacity building at the St. John Paul II centre. The children of the centre were reviewed and intervention plans adapted. Parents of the community attended a consultation and a workshop on communication, positioning and handling. This time SEP facilitated a sibling workshop, and an awareness event on disabilities and intervention during an outreach to 2 communities.
  • Awareness is Important!
    On Friday February 26th the SEP team held an awareness event in Kikuyu in cooperation with Maria Njeri Foundation, one of our partner organisations. One of the objectives was to reach children with disabilities who do not receive any form of intervention. People visited our 2 information stands on disabilities and therapy intervention services. Part of the team distributed stickers to frequently used shops with information and contact details. The day was successful and more parents attended therapy the following sessions.