Special Education Professionals (SEP) is a multi-disciplinary team

of special education professionals and therapists working

within the framework of education, rehabilitation and

healthcare in Kenya. Its members volunteer their time

and expertise.

Our Vision

Our vision is a Kenya and a world where every child, regardless of special needs, has the chance to reach their fullest potential in life. We will strive to be a centre of excellence that ensures every child with special needs has access to the support they need.

Our Mission

SEP’s mission is to promote a trans-disciplinary approach and skills development amongst all professionals working with children with special needs. This will ensure that together, we provide high quality, sustainable interventions that support the child and empower their parents and caregivers.

Our Values

• Giving dignity to the child with special needs and empowering them and their families. • Working as a team who consult, cooperate and support one another. • Being a learning organisation who train, mentor, network and share skills to make us all stronger professionals. • Giving our time and expertise to help those less fortunate.


SEP’s main objective is to enhance and improve special education services in Kenya by producing better trained professionals with a multi-disciplinary approach.