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  • SEP on wheels
    The SEP van is finally with us! We baptised and blessed it with a great goat eating party. The van immediately experienced a great challenge… taking the team to the desert 12 hours away from Nairobi. It is comfortable, has good acoustics and takes climbing lanes with ease. It does not like short bumps and sand terrain. We are looking forward to many more trips. We want to thank Miva Switzerland and Provincie West-Vlaanderen Belgium for their donation towards this van!
  • New projects approved in 2021!
    The county Oost-Vlaanderen in Belgium sponsors the Adapted Paper Based Technology project. The workshop is in full production after training more fathers and therapists in this technique. Children are receiving an adapted chair, standing frame, side lying board, wedge… depending on the need they have. It is important to offer the best device to enhance functionality. Kolabo has organized fundraising activities to contribute to this project. The county West-Vlaanderen in Belgium has approved the project to expand Wezesha in rural areas. Part of the donation will be used to purchase a minibus. This will allow SEP to go with more people and more equipment, and reaching more communities, children with disabilities and their families. Kolabo and the Levert Foundation from the Netherlands are contributing to this expansion. Miva Switzerland is the main donor for the purchase of the minibus. SEP has identified the vehicle and is in the process of buying it. The SEP team is excited to have a minibus that will bring us to many new horizons. It is a 10 seater so the SEP intern members will now have more opportunities to join the rural program Wezesha. Kortrijk in Belgium has approved a project on splinting. Many children SEP is working with need a hand splint to enhance functionality and independence in daily life skills. This project will start in January 22 with training staff to maximize delivery of these devices in the SEP communities. A big thank you to all donors who make it possible to expand and improve our services. Thanks to the dynamic Kolabo team to put their shoulders under the SEP projects!
  • Peer Workshops
    SEP facilitated peer workshops in 5 schools in Kibra and Kikuyu. The main objective is to enhance acceptance and social interaction between children with disabilities and their peers. The first peer workshop in August 21 concentrated on cerebral palsy: the children from PP1 up to grade 3 learned about how it feels to have physical limitations, and how they can assist with respect for the feelings of the child with a disability. The SEP facilitators truly enjoyed the experience working with this young population! The book “This is Me: My name is Peter, I have Cerebral Palsy” was read and discussed. The children surprised us with their smart answers! The second peer workshop in November 21 covered autism. The children experienced sensory overload from auditory, smell, visual, and tactile stimuli. The book “This is Me: My name is Samuel, I have Autism” was used to better understand this condition. Again the SEP facilitators were impressed by the level of participation of these young children. SEP is planning 3 more peer workshops for the same schools. The next workshop will concentrate on Down syndrome with the book “This is Me: My name is Gloria, I have Down syndrome”.