SEP designs toys that help children learn cognitive, motor, sensory and logical thinking skills. To acquire these skills is an important step towards independence in daily life, e.g. for dressing and eventually for scholar activities.
The proceeds from the toy sales will go towards supporting children with special needs from low income families in Kenya.



An attractive animal for many children. This tortoise has different patterns to match on its shell.

Ksh. 5,000/=

How to play:  Remove the items from the tortoise’s back and put them back according to the patterns.

Benefits:  practicing sensory and fine motor skills.

Age:  Starting from 2 years ongoing

Material:  Textiles, zip, Velcro. Washable.



Matching Mat

A colourful game with items with different textures, can be accompanied by the song: “What’s in the bag?”

Ksh. 5,000/=

How to play: Pick an item from the bag (with looking into it or just by feeling the item) and place it on the corresponding colour on the mat.
Benefits: Stimulates fine motor, sensory, and logical thinking skills.  Also an excellent tool to encourage language development.
Age: Starting from 2 years on
Material:  Textile mat, textile figures, flat; plastic items, 9 colours, textile bag.  Washable.




A colourful textile puzzle to practice different closures in a funny way.

Ksh. 5,000/=

How to play: Take the puzzle pieces apart and assemble them again using the different closures.

Benefits: Young children learn closures as part of their daily activities.

Age: Kindergarten and early primary school age.

Material: Textile, 9 different pieces, 7 colours; 7 closures: buttons, zips, Velcro, belt, laces, loops, and a pressure button hidden in the mouth. Washable.



Matching Tower

A toy to practice matching of different items and colours.

Ksh. 1,000/=

How to play: Take an item out of the box and put them on the side according to their form/material and colour.

Benefits: stimulates cognitive and sensory skills.

Age: Starting from 1year ongoing

Material: metal box, scotch, plastic and rubber items, Velcro; 3 colours. Washable.



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