Teacher Training

Through the Inclusive Education, SEP offers children with disabilities a vital space in which to ensure optimal development by providing opportunities for child-focused learning, play, participation and peer interaction. SEP collaborates with schools in various locations and provides training and workshops to build the capacities of the teachers.

SEP believes that if the teachers in regular schools are provided with the right skills and interventions, it is feasible to include children with disabilities in the mainstream. During the Teacher Training, they receive practical training to improve their skills in assessments, designing individual educational plans (IEP) and adapting teaching strategies to the needs of the child. The teachers are also involved in making teaching materials and adaptations to the specific needs of their students, like a communication board, feeling numbers, etc.

SEP created a well-balanced manual with 20 modules, amongst them learning styles, building foundations for reading and math, and handwriting. This gives the training the right foundation and teachers have a valuable source of information.

After the Teachers Training, SEP follows up on the children in mainstream schools and offers further in-service support to the teachers. One instrument that makes the inclusion process in school successful are the IEP meetings. Initiated by SEP, teachers, parents and other service-providers come together to jointly discuss and set objectives and teaching strategies for the individual child.