Peer Workshops

SEP facilitated peer workshops in 5 schools in Kibra and Kikuyu. The main objective is to enhance acceptance and social interaction between children with disabilities and their peers. The first peer workshop in August 21 concentrated on cerebral palsy: the children from PP1 up to grade 3 learned about how it feels to have physical limitations, and how they can assist with respect for the feelings of the child with a disability. The SEP facilitators truly enjoyed the experience working with this young population! The book “This is Me: My name is Peter, I have Cerebral Palsy” was read and discussed. The children surprised us with their smart answers!

The second peer workshop in November 21 covered autism. The children experienced sensory overload from auditory, smell, visual, and tactile stimuli. The book “This is Me: My name is Samuel, I have Autism” was used to better understand this condition. Again the SEP facilitators were impressed by the level of participation of these young children.

SEP is planning 3 more peer workshops for the same schools. The next workshop will concentrate on Down syndrome with the book “This is Me: My name is Gloria, I have Down syndrome”.