Webinars, Videos & SEP on Air


The intern members trained in November 2019 had only attended the SEP projects for two months when the directive came from the government to close all schools and therapy centres. SEP organized webinars for them to continue building professional development. Although it was not always an easy task with internet connection and data bundles, a number of workshops took place with fair attendance.

SEP also organized 2 webinars for project partners about building communication skills in children of disabilities. The challenge here was availability of staff and parents in regards to the Covid-19 regulations.


SEP produced 12 educational videos on basic therapy intervention in the areas of:

  • Physiotherapy: positioning, chest therapy, massage
  • Occupational therapy: positioning during feeding, feeding adaptations, dressing and undressing, changing diapers
  • Communication: responding to greetings, repeating, giving choices, increasing sounds, following instructions 

Watch the videos here.

SEP on Air

SEP was involved in writing scripts for the Kenyan Institute for Curriculum Development (KICD) and recording sessions in the KICD studio for the EDU channel
These sessions for parents and their children with disabilities were a needed addition to the regular programme of the EDU channel.Activities of Daily Living: pre-buttoning skills, buttoning a shirt and tying laces

The following topics were addressed:

  • Activities of Daily Living: pre-buttoning skills, buttoning a shirt and tying laces
  • Communication: communication board and use
  • Communication Readiness: imitation, eye contact and attention
  • Oral motor stimulation

SEP in cooperation with Acorn Special Tutorials had a lot of fun in making the fillers. 5 Minute videos with various topics like imitating animal movements to improve gross motor skills or singing a counting song to improve number skills.