Food & Medicine Distribution

Food Distribution

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many families with no source of income. They are not able to buy food leading to a high rate of malnutrition in children with disabilities who have varied health issues. During follow-up calls to the families SEP works with, the majority requested for support with basic needs and sanitation materials

For this reason, SEP decided to start a fundraising campaign aimed at distributing food relief packages including soap to the most vulnerable households from the projects SEP works with. The initiative was strictly implemented in consideration with the social distancing practice currently in place. SEP cooperated with our partners in the field for the distribution of the packages. SEP has been able to reach 550 families with a package of dry basic food and soap via our partners in 20 communities. The most needy families received twice. The communities reached were Nakuru, Keringet, Narok, Makueni, Kitui, Kikuyu, Kahawa Sukari, Kibera, Ewaso, Nyanduma, Muranga, Lokichar, Machakos and Sultan Hamud.

Medication Distribution

Another main challenge for the families has and still is medication for children with epilepsy as they are very expensive. Families reported an increase of seizures because they could not afford to buy the anti-epilepsy medication.

SEP has distributed 131 packages of medication to families with children with epilepsy from 6 communities. Each package lasts for one to two months.


We take this opportunity to thank the Special Education Professionals and your donors, for the financial support to buy medication for our Children at the Mary Rice Centre Kenya. Your generosity has helped us meet part of our goal, of supplying medicine to the children whose lives are dependent on it.

Most of the medication they use are expensive and they prove to be a challenge for the parents to buy especially now with this Coronavirus pandemic. The medicine purchased and distributed will last for one month, which is quite a relief.

We thank all our donors and friends of SEP who helped raise the money and all partners who were crucial during the distribution.