Outcome of Wezesha Peer Education

The Wezesha Programme has shown great impact on children with disabilities, their caregivers, teachers and communities. 

The children with disabilities achieve milestones, like being able to walk and have a better health condition. Both result in improved quality of life. Children who have mild disabilities have joined regular schools thanks to the presence of teachers at the trainings.

The caregivers report a significant improvement in knowledge and confidence in taking care of their children with disabilities. They increase their understanding of the condition which leads to an improved attitude towards the children. This often results in greater patience in caregiving and acceptance. 

Parents report improved interaction with their children due to acceptance and better communication skills.

Progress is also made towards awareness creation in the communities and promotion of the rights of children with disabilities. The awareness creation has reduced the association of disabilities with witchcraft. Caregivers, who are primarily mothers, were socially excluded from their families. The mothers report a slight change in attitude towards them and the child within the family.